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Volume 4, Issue 1 (Spring 2008)
Editor's Preface: Michael D. Waggoner

Forum - Culture and the Medieval King Christine Havens, Keith Russo, Richard Utz, Forum Editor

Richard Utz: Introduction
E. Kay Harris: The Precognition of Crime: Treason in Medieval England and Terrorism in Twenty-first
Century America
[.pdf PDF]
John Sievers: Dryden's Battle with Music in King Arthur: The Bracegirdle Hurdle [.pdf PDF]
Nicola Wilson Clasby: Disarming the shout of doom: Chopra's Alkahest [.pdf PDF]
Jennie Morton: Of Magicians and Masculinity: Merlin and the Manifestation of the New Man [.pdf PDF]
April Cook: Honor and Transgression: The Poetics and Politics of Shame and Guilt in Sir Gawain and the
     Green Knight
[.pdf PDF]
Essays, Studies, and Works
Bill Koch: Arthur C. Clarke's Childhood's End: A Prescription for Producing Humanity's Psychological Maturity [.pdf PDF]