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Submission Information
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Submission Information

Submissions in all areas represented at the University of Northern Iowa are considered for publication from all current UNI faculty as well as alumni faculty and guest faculty. Beyond this group of contributors, UNIversitas welcomes contributions from the world wide academic and artistic community. The editor and advisory board especially encourage the submission of interdisciplinary contributions and work developed in collaboration with graduate and (in exceptional cases) undergraduate students. In addition to such unsolicited submissions, UNIversitas will, on an annual basis, extend invitations to submit work to the recipients of UNI's "Donald N. McKay Research Award," "Distinguished Scholar Award," "Professional Development Assignments," "Summer Grants," and our various awards recognizing outstanding graduate student work.

All submissions are considered on the understanding that they are not concurrently under consideration elsewhere and that the material - in substance as well as form - has not been previously published. Invited submissions will be read by UNI scholars - usually a member of the editorial board or a specialist recommended by the editorial board - to ensure high standards of quality. All other submissions will undergo blind external review. The outside reviewer(s) and members of the editorial board will make recommendations to the editor regarding acceptance, revision, or rejection of submitted material. The final publication decision for all submissions remains with the editor.

Contributions should be written to be of interest for specialists but should also be accessible to any college-educated reader who may not be fully familiar with the scholarly literature, terminology, or details associated with the specialist's field of expertise. This means, for example, that terms, procedures, and theories may have to be explained in more generally comprehensible terms before scientific/scholarly conclusions may be drawn. However, the need for a more broadly comprehensible discourse should never result in compromising the validity of scholarly research or the integrity of artistic creation.

One electronic copy of the manuscript should be submitted to the editor (jesse.swan@uni.edu). In the event of acceptance, it will save considerable work for all parties if authors adhere to the following rules:

• In general, use as few formatting commands as possible.
• Left justify text.
• Do not hyphenate words at the end of lines.
• ALL material-including extracted quotations and notes-must be double spaced.
• Notes should be numbered consecutively and should be placed as footnotes. Style sheet is at the discretion of the author (style sheet).
• Each table, figure, or picture must be accompanied by a complete source.

Each article should be accompanied by an abstract of 100-200 words outlining the main point(s) of the paper and placing the article in context with existing scholarship. Subheadings may be used to divide the manuscript into sections. Since UNIversitas is not a print publication, it does not have an upper or lower page limit, but regular text articles should run between fifteen and forty typescript pages, including notes and other material. Creative pieces (music, video, art, etc.) should also be accompanied by an abstract (200-500 words) or even a longer introductory text (e.g., an "artist's statement") to provide some initial explanation of the submitted material. Contributors of submissions necessitating the use of electronic media should consult with the editor and technical support staff about their use of compatible software.

Authors are responsible for obtaining all permissions of copyrighted material for reproduction.


UNIversitas shall consist of three major sections:

  • Essays, Studies, and Works is reserved for substantial scholarly and creative statements, for example essays of at least twelve pages (double spaced), collections of photography or poetry, short films, theater sketches, performances, etc., and their accompanying abstracts or artist's statements. Texts for this section will need to follow a specific style sheet (see below) and live up to the standards expected of academic/artistic forms of communication in their respective specialty fields.
  • Reviews and Responses welcomes reviews of recent scholarly publications or scholarly analyses of publications geared toward a more general public. Furthermore, this section invites short letters to the editor regarding material previously published in UNIversitas.
  • The Forum section in UNIversitas has been created to allow for the discussion of one single topic (for example: volume 1, issue 1, centers on "academic rigor") from a variety of views so that an interdisciplinary and historicized perspective on that topic might be gained. Unlike the other sections of the journal, the Forum section allows for - and even encourages - contributions that cross the boundaries of regular academic discourses: you may choose your own style sheet (always provided you remain consistent within your contribution); select a more or less personal style and tone of writing (academic, letter, opinion piece, philosophical essay, etc.); create a piece of art or music (with a short artist's statement defining what your contribution might have to do with the topic at hand); write a review of a publication (book, video, game, film, performance, etc.) touching upon the topic; describe a teaching project connected to the topic; or you may simply discuss how your own academic work relates, or does not at all relate, to the issue analyzed.

Style Sheet

UNIversitas is a journal inclusive of a broad range of academic endeavor. However, the editor and advisory board acknowledge our contributors' desire to be recognized by the peers in their respective specialty areas. Therefore, we do not insist on one single style sheet, but encourage authors to submit materials in one of the style sheets commonly accepted within their discipline. If you have specific issues regarding a style sheet, please do not hesitate to contact the editor.

Contact Information:

For any questions about submitting to UNIversitas, please contact the editor:

Jesse Swan, Editor
University of Northern Iowa
Cedar Falls, IA 50614-0502


Copyright for all publications in UNIversitas remains with the authors. Authors may select to republish their work as long as they provide full citation acknowledging UNIversitas as the original place of publication.

Design and Development

Brandon Neil
ITS Educational Technology
Innovative Teaching and Technology Center
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