Editor's Introduction

  1. Appearance, physical presence, perception, and interpretation and reaction or response feature prominently in our contemporary national and global moment. From generating violence to promoting healing, from disparaging the vulnerable and dispossessed to uplifting ourselves by humanely caring for those hurting or otherwise in need, individuals, groups, nations, and international enterprises perceive and react to people and social and environmental circumstances. This volume of UNIversitas provides some compelling and heartening contributions to this contemporary state of affairs.
  2. The Forum, curated by Jennifer Cooley, Professor of Spanish at UNI, empathically considers the conditions of Latin-American immigrants in the Midwest through a refined exploration of the films of Luis Argueta. Among the notable features of the Forum are the local settings, the views of Argueta directly presented, and the substantial Introduction.
  3. Providing previously unexplored connections between the historical use of dazzle design and camouflage, Roy Behrens elaborates much, including the historical social anxieties about the constructed duplicity and fear of women. B. J. Love, in his review of volume four of the series called Matchbook, details how a quirky yet enchanting design lights up striking literature. Eight people similarly contribute to the development of some admiral qualities of another work in progress, this one being the author of the work of gratitude entitled, “Thanking My Eight Secret Rabbis.”
  4. A geography scholar rounds out our volume exploring the social and physical environment with a consideration of a newly proposed conception of geological time – the Anthropocene – as it might be used in understanding literary history.
  5. Moving among time and place, advertising presence or making it opaque, this volume invites readers to notice the materiality of existence and what their way of noticing might suggest. Bon voyage.

Jesse Swan

Professor and Editor


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